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The Recipe for Life-Changing Leadership: 25 Ingredients for Creating Value and Empowering Others

Leaders push their people, they inspire them, and they live the core values they espouse. No leader wants to be a burden on their team with micromanagement or shortsightedness, yet nearly everyone who manages people will fall prey to these issues. Doug Meyer-Cuno is changing the DNA of today’s CEOs by unpacking the common habits and attitudes that sink companies—and providing the guidance to become the person your team needs.

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Investing with Integrity

Doug Meyer-Cuno is an entrepreneur who lives his message. He started his own company in 1990, building it into a brand that earned international attention. But it was not a straight line to success. His journey truly began when he started poking holes in his own leadership. From there, he created a framework that was not susceptible to changing market conditions or a micromanaging CEO. Through Vision, Core Culture Values, Authenticity, Transparency, and Gratitude, Meyer-Cuno was able to change his life and the destiny of his company forever.

Today, as a coach, mentor, and speaker, Doug is taking an active role in shaping a new era of servant leadership.

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The Recipe for Empowered Leadership

The Recipe for Empowered Leadership has no time for half-measures or lip service. This is a book for leaders who know they can do more for their company, their team, and themselves. Doug Meyer-Cuno lays bare his failures, successes, and the strategies that are still in place today. All success stories are unique, but Doug strips success down to its simplest elements—to the raw materials that must be present in order for success to take root.

From founding his company to the pivots that saved it, Doug’s story reveals how he came to understand these core values. The Recipe for Empowered Leadership is exactly that: a recipe that can be transcribed and recreated for leaders across the globe regardless of industry.

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“Leaders cannot manufacture or force an experience to your ideal standard. I learned that the hard way as a micromanager who struggled to step back, focus on the vision, and trust in others to help me take us there. ”

Doug Meyer-Cuno is altering the DNA of leadership across the country. Rooted in the hard-won experiences of building and leading his own company for nearly thirty years, his keynotes are not pie-in-the-sky ideals. Instead, he breaks down what works and what doesn’t in companies today. Doug’s strategies are forever changing the way people lead.

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