Do You have the Power to Give up Control? 

Discover where you are on the Leadership Spectrum. 

What does a leader look like? Are they hands-on or laissez-faire? 

It is easy for a CEO or manager to unknowingly slip too far to one side or the other of this Empowered Leadership Spectrum. There are countless excuses for a company’s bottom-line performance, but in the end, leaders need to ask what they did to bring about these results. 

What seems like a failure from one department, could be an issue with management. What may seem like a steady ship can actually represent stagnant growth. In order to figure out what potential your business has, you need to determine if you are an empowered leader. There is strength in strategically letting go of certain aspects of your business. By building a team that you can trust, a team that can trust you, the potential for growth becomes exponential.

Doug Meyer-Cuno is solving this problem for leaders across the country. A CEO himself, Doug has seen firsthand how the different ends of the Empowered Leadership Spectrum can affect a company’s performance. His epiphany came when he found out that he was not the servant leader he wanted to be. This revelation turned to frank conversations, and these frank conversations turned into a revolution for his business. 

Today, he is hoping to share the lessons that catalyze growth for organizations. The first step: determining where you fall on the Empowered Leadership Spectrum.

Let’s get started!

Complete the following sentences with the answers that most closely reflect your current situation. Approach all 11 questions with honesty, and remember, there are no wrong answers. 

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